How it Works

Welcome to ADVENTURE+, your new home for adventure films, live streamed events, magazines and more.  You will find below more information about what ADVENTURE+ is and how it all works.


ADVENTURE+ is a subscription video on demand platform and works in a similar way to you will be used to from platforms like Netflix, AppleTV+ and others. You pay a subscription fee and can then watch and read as much content as you like!

What content is available on ADVENTURE+?

Currently more than 580 films are available and more films are being added every day.  Content includes:

- LIVE EVENTS: premiere films and speaking events that aim to deliver you a similar experience online to what you'd be used to with Adventure Entertainment's cinema events. 

- FEATURE FILMS: exclusive feature films such as WARREN MILLER'S FUTURE RETRO, WARREN MILLER'S TIMELESS, WARREN MILLER'S FACE OF WINTER and WARREN MILLER'S LINE OF DESCENT, Kilian Jornet's PATH TO EVEREST, OCEAN TO SKY, THE LIGHTS OF LADAKH and A TO B ROLLERSKI (an extended version of the film that played in European Outdoor Film Tour 18/19).

- FESTIVALS: a selection of films from our annual festivals and film tours such as films from the WOMEN'S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR, RUNNATION, VERTICAL LIFE FILM TOUR and WILD FILM FESTIVAL. 

- SHORTS: an awesome collection of short films covering climbing, surfing, skiing, paragliding and more.

- SERIES: film series, just like on Netflix, where you can watch content in parts. Check out Kilian Jornet's SUMMITS OF MY LIFE.

- MAGAZINES: back issues of our magazines such as WILD, VERTICAL LIFE and TRAIL RUN. We have one magazine live currently as a trial, and more will come very soon.

How do I watch ADVENTURE+?

ADVENTURE+ is currently available as a web based platform. This means you can watch it on any device with a web browser by simply entering

You can also project ADVENTURE+ from the web browser to your television devices, for example, simply press the Airplay button on the bottom right corner of your video when watching it and you can project to your Apple TV device.

iOS, Android and Apple TV apps is available for download.

iOS and Apple TV


Where can I watch ADVENTURE+?

Anywhere!  On the bus, on the train, at home - anywhere with an internet connection. You can also watch ADVENTURE+ anywhere in the world.  Most of our content is available in all countries.  Selected major events and feature films are limited to selected countries.  When you click on our Catalog you will see the films available in your country. 

What do I get as part of my subscription?

You will get all the content available in your country other than the small number of LIVE EVENTS.  As a subscriber you will receive a weekly email with new content added in the previous week.

How much does it cost?

All of this is available for $4.99 per month or an annual fee of $39.95.  The annual fee works out at just $2.50 per month - less than a cup of coffee a month! 

Can I buy a gift card? How do they work?

Yes you can. When you purchase a gift card a unique code is instantly generated for you. You then provide this code to the gift recipient and they can then use that code to redeem their present at, applying it to the content or subscription plan of their choice. It's the perfect gift!

Is there a trial period?

Yes, there is a 14 day free trial for all subscribers. You will need to enter your credit card details to access the subscription, but can cancel at no charge any time in that first 14 days.  Extended trial periods are available as part of our Premium events.  E.g. the WARREN MILLER TIMELESS event is $30 and includes a 90 day trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

On the ADVENTURE+ home page, when you are logged in, simply click Dashboard and follow the steps to modify your subscription details or cancel your plan.

Who is the team behind ADVENTURE+?

ADVENTURE+ has been created by the team at Adventure Entertainment who bring you awesome adventure films, events and magazines including the WOMEN'S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR, RUNNATION FILM FESTIVAL, WILD MAGAZINE, VERTICAL LIFE MAGAZINE, TRAIL RUN MAG and much more. Our mission is to inspire people to get out and adventure via world class outdoor adventure film content, events and media offerings. ADVENTURE+ is the next evolution in that journey.

Where do I get help if I need it?

If you have any questions about ADVENTURE+ or want to get in touch with us about advertising opportunities or to submit a film, just email us at