World Nomads enables travellers to explore the world bravely and confidently, always seeking out the extraordinary, striving to learn from and connect with local people, and to respect and celebrate difference. Come on the journey with us with our video series that will inspire your own adventures.


Mexico Discoveries

Join World Nomad Patrick Abboud as he takes a life-changing journey through Mexico meeting the people challenging macho stereotypes, and families keeping ancient religious and cultural traditions alive. From the mescal makers who open their homes and hearts to Pat, to religious pilgrims walking on their knees and transgender wrestlers who put him through his paces, Pat finds he is welcomed by everyone he meets.

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Vanlife: Forging Bonds On The Road | USA Discoveries

A part-time van lifer at home in Australia, World Nomad Joel heads to Colorado for a meet up, meeting like-minded travellers whose way of life is one of constant movement and a profound sense of freedom. On a road trip north to Idaho, Joel falls in love with the small towns, big landscapes and communities created on the road. He discovers that van life is about living in the moment, challenging traditional beliefs and deciding each day what the next adventure will be. Joel deliberates whether this way of living might be for him as he meets people rejecting the status quo.

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New Mexico: Connecting to Earth | USA Discoveries

Join World Nomad Joel, as he explores New Mexico, aka Land of Enchantment. In this state of desert and mountains, he discovers a striking landscape and a particular light and vibe that encourages creatives to settle and work here. Joel visits the hip towns of Taos and Santa Fe and comes to appreciate the unique blend of Spanish, Anglo and Native American cultures. Along the way, he visits earthships, encounters poets and artists, and experiences natural hot springs and incredible sunsets.

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Finding Truth Through Indigenous Cultures | USA Discoveries

Join World Nomad Joel, in Washington state where he meets Native American Indians who introduce him to their delicious food, generous hospitality, music, dance, and most profoundly, the custom of the sweat lodge. As a dancer by profession, Joel joins in the dance and appreciates the connections between traditional dance and hip hop. Honored to be invited into the sweat lodge, Joel experiences a connection that reduces him to tears and helps him understand the importance of exploring his own roots and connecting with his Filipino culture.

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Understanding Your Roots | USA Discoveries

In Los Angeles, Joel prepares to meet his birth father, a man missing from his life since he was a very young boy, living in the Philippines. First, he investigates what it means to be Filipino in the US and visits a community in Stanton where traditional Filipino art is the inspiration for extraordinary intricate tribal tattoos. After meeting his father, the pair head off to a national park to camp for the night and get to know each other. With no distractions other than the camp fire, his father opens up about aspects of Joel’s upbringing he knew nothing about.

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The Gaucho Culture | Argentina Discoveries

Deeply rooted in Argentina’s history, the Gaucho culture is still very much alive. Discover the unique culture of the Gaucho with World Nomads’ Gloria Atanmo as she travels to Salta and Patagonia to meet the country’s nomadic cowboys and learn about their proud traditions and unique way of life. Join Gloria as she saddles up and takes off with the skilled horsemen on a ride through the countryside, participates in traditional Argentine dances, and samples the nation’s diet staple, beef, in a traditional Gaucho feast.

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The Art of Argentine Food | Argentina Discoveries

From learning to grill the perfect asado to visiting underground eateries, where the atmosphere is homely with a special touch, Gloria takes us on a food safari of the South American country, discovering the Argentine culture through its food. She finds a country where the locals slow down, relax and take their time to enjoy a good meal.

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Magical Patagonia | Argentina Discoveries

Coming 18th May 2023 - Travel with World Nomads’ Gloria Atanmo into the wilderness of Patagonia to the southern tip of South America, to a region shared by Argentina and Chile. Here she discovers a stunning array of Mother Nature’s elements in this awe-inspiring destination. Watch as Gloria and the crew pick up some Spanish hitchhikers, trek across one of Argentina’s most picturesque glaciers, and travel to Punta Tombo to learn about the local penguin colony.